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Cytotoxic Schedules and Choice of Antiemetics

Highly Emetogenic (HEC)

Moderately Emetogenic (MEC)

Low Emetogenic (LEC)


Cytotoxic Schedule

Choice of Antiemetic Protocol (HEC, MEC, or LEC)

Standard Allograft SCT Conditioning

  • Cy/TBI - use HEC protocol throughout.
  • Bu/Cy - use HEC protocol on cyclophosphamide days and for 2 days after. Use LEC protocol on other days.

RIC Allo SCT Conditioning

  • Flu/Mel/Alemtuzumab - use LEC on each day of fludarabine. Use MEC protocol starting on the day of melphalan.

Standard Autologous Conditioning

  • BEAM - use HEC protocol on day -6 to -4 then MEC protocol day -4 to day +1.
  • High Dose Melphalan - use MEC protocol day -1 to day +1.

Cyclophosphamide for Stem Cell Harvest

  • Use MEC protocol.

AML (DA, ADE, HDAC, FLAG, Ida-Cytarabine, MiDAC)

  • Use MEC protocol without dexamethasone first line.


  • Use MEC protocol (without dexamethasone as CHOP contains high dose prednisone).


  • Use LEC on day 1 of chemo.
  • Use MEC from day 2 onwards (when carboplatin starts).

Hyper CVAD and MTX-Cytarabine

  • Use MEC protocol.

CODOX-M Regimen

  • Use MEC protocol day 1-12.


  • Use MEC protocol day 1-7.

High dose Methotrexate

  • Use MEC protocol.

UKALL12 Induction 1

  • Use the 3 day MEC protocol (without dexamethasone as high dose prednisone is being given) starting each time with daunorubicin on day 1,8,15,22.

UKALL12 Induction 2

  • Use 3 day MEC protocol starting with each cylophosphamide on days 1,15,29.
  • Use LEC protocol on other days.

Note: Chemotherapy charts include both the cytotoxic drugs used plus the appropriate antiemetic supportive care required.

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