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Consents for SCT

The consent process must be carefully observed as the patient and family gives adequate time to consider and discuss any questions or issues they may have.

See the Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service Informed Consent Policy.

The following broad categories of consent forms can be accessed from the Haematology Red Book, and hard copies are available in the ward and outpatients areas.

All transplant recipients and transplant donors must be given the option to consent to their data being submitted to international registries.

Allogeneic Donor Consents

  1. Complete both consent forms for all allogeneic donors:
  2. Use the Consent - Donor Consent Checklist (2310083) to aid donor consent discussions. Document consent discussions in medical notes.

Transplant Recipients

  1. Complete the Agreement to Medical Treatment form (available in hard copy in the ward and outpatients). State the type of transplant and conditioning regime on the form.
  2. Complete the International Transplant Registry Consent.
  3. Complete the Tissue Banking Consent form.
  4. Use form 5063 - Transplant Consent Discussion to aid in discussions with the patient about conditioning side effects and transplant complications. Once you have discussed the side effects with the patient, sign off on each section of the form and retain the form in the medical notes. Document other consent discussions in the medical notes.

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