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Details of TBI Treatment

TBI in maximal doses is usually given in 6 fractions over 3 days. Total doses vary between 12 Gy and 14.4 Gy. A total dose of 12 Gy TBI is given on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is used if the protocol calls for a 4th day. It is given at approximately 0730 and 1630. This is scheduled monthly or in consultation with the Oncology TBI team. Single dose TBI, as prescribed for RIC (2-4 Gy), is usually scheduled for Friday at 1230. This is negotiated with the TBI team.

Dose Regimens

The TBI schedule to be used will be recommended by the SCT Committee and is stated on the referral letter to the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Brendon Anderson (or Dr. Stephen Williams if Dr Anderson is not available).

Radiology will produce a consultation letter to the Transplant Committee regarding the planned radiation. After TBI has occurred, Radiology will place a final summary report of the radiation therapy that was administered to the patient in the patient's file, or alternatively details of dates and doses of radiation therapy can be viewed electronically on MOSAIQ.

Adverse Effects

Adverse effects include nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, mucositis, reversible alopecia, parotitis, pancreatitis, erythema, hyperpigmentation and fever. Late side effects include cataract formation, growth retardation, intellectual impairment, delayed puberty in children, hypothyroidism, carcinogenesis and sterility.

Note: For MRC and COG ALL trials, and possibly other patients with initial CNS involvement it will be necessary to give additional cranial irradiation prior to TBI. Refer to specific protocols and discuss with the SCT Committee.

Instructions for Patients Attending TBI

Instructions for bone marrow transplant unit staff and patients attending department for TBI.

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