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Vaccination Policy in Haematology Patients

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Vaccination in Splenectomised/Splenic Atrophy patients

Vaccination Prophylaxis post-SCT

Vaccination for Myeloma Patients

Vaccination in Splenectomised/Splenic Atrophy patients

See Prevention of Infection Pre-splenectomy and in Splenic Atrophy for vaccination details for these patients.

Vaccination Prophylaxis post-SCT

The post-transplant vaccination schedule was updated in October 2018 to reflect recommendations made in the latest ECIL expert report. See the Post-Transplant Vaccination and Re-Immunisation Procedure (237835) and Post-Allogeneic HSCT Vaccination Prescription (237836) for details.

Autologous and allogeneic HCT recipients have very different immune recovery. However, due to lack of evidence, both groups generally share vaccination recommendations (Torda and Alexander 2009).

For most recipients of autologous HSCT, re-immunisation is unnecessary, with the exception of Pneumococcus and seasonal influenza vaccine.

Autologous HCT recipients – From 4 months post-transplant:

Below is a summary of the updated vaccination recommendation. Read the full procedure before prescribing.

Vaccination Policy post-SCT

Vaccination for Myeloma Patients

See recommendations for vaccination in myeloma from the European Myeloma Network.

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