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Fertility and Menstruation Issues

See also: Lee et al, JCO 2006; 24:2917-2931,5790 (American Society of Clinical Oncology Recommendations on Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients).

Fertility Associates in Christchurch offer services relating to fertility.

Some of the services are publically funded, others are not (user pays), as follows:

Treatment option

Public funding availability

Sperm freezing


Surgical sperm retrieval

Yes, if sperm is not present in the ejaculate (eg. adolescent boys)

Sperm Storage

Yes.   Extended storage (> 10 years from 2014) yet to be decided.

IVF and embryo freezing

Yes, always under clinical override

Embryo storage beyond 18 months


Oocyte (egg) freezing

No (user pays)

Ovarian tissue freezing

No (user pays)

In This Section

General comments

Gonadal Function and Stem Cell Transplants

Ovarian Tissue Storage

Embryo Freezing

Semen Storage

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