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Level 2 - Enteral nutrition

Refers to the use of a feeding tube such as nasogastric (NG), nasojejunal (NJ), or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) to deliver nutrition to a patient's gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Consider when:

Enteral nutrition may be used as the sole source of nutrition, or in conjunction with oral or parenteral intake to help patients meet their nutritional requirements. The feed is provided by a feeding pump – either continuously over 24 hours or over partial hours of the day e.g., overnight.

Nasogastric tube insertion is completed by a nurse experienced in placing NG tubes. Preferred NG tube sizes are 10F 109 cm. These are kept on B6.

A post-insertion X-ray is required to check location before use.

Three feeding pumps are kept in the B6. Source any additional feeding pumps via the Orderly Department from Nutrition Services (PMS code: NS).

For more information, see Nasogastric Tube Insertion in Adults on Hospital HealthPathways.

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