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IV fluid and electrolyte replacement

Many patients treated with intensive high dose chemotherapy and or stem cell transplant can, over a period of several days, become potassium depleted requiring long periods of high dose potassium supplementation to correct plasma and total body stores. Sodium overload is likely to be an issue as well. Contributing factors include potassium-free IV fluid replacement, poor oral intake and GI losses.

The normal daily requirement for sodium is 100-120 mmol and potassium 40–80 mmol.


For those patients unable to maintain required oral fluid intake, e.g. post transplant - but specifically not hyperhydration regimens or those on TPN:

Those requiring 2 L/day should have:

This would better meet normal daily requirements of sodium and potassium.

If further IV fluids are required (e.g. diarrhoea) then a further litre of 0.9% sodium chloride +/- 30 mmol potassium could be given.

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