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A low platelet count (<150 x 109/L) is very common in clinical practice. A review of how to logically work through the various potential causes of thrombocytopenia can be found in Stasi R. How to approach thrombocytopenia. Hematology 2012;191-197.

Thrombocytopenia may arise in a number of clinical situations:

Note: “False” thrombocytopenia may occur when platelets clump in vitro. This form of agglutination is usually EDTA-dependent, and an accurate platelet count can often be obtained if blood is taken into citrate. Beware also of the clotted sample. Repeat CBC to confirm if the result is unexpected.

Note: Intragam-P may be used in a number of conditions, including ITP. A prescription sheet is available.

See also: HealthPathways - Thrombocytopenia.

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