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Lumbar Punctures and Intrathecal Cytotoxics

Intrathecal chemotherapy will be prescribed and administered by a specialist or doctor in specialist training whose name is on the CDHB register for this purpose. See the CDHB Intrathecal Chemotherapy Policy. Only Methotrexate, Cytarabine, and hydrocortisone are given via this route. Doses of these medications will depend on the protocol being used. All intrathecal injections will be clearly marked and issued in designated ClickClack containers.

Important: Only administer Vinca alkaloids intravenously. Administration via other routes can be fatal.

In This Section

Lumbar Puncture Procedure

Intrathecal Chemotherapy Bookings

Flowchart: Organising Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Method of Lumbar Puncture

Examination of CSF

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