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Medication Information for Patients

Patient-specific medication lists (yellow cards) are completed, as required, by the pharmacist and given to patients on discharge from the B6, or as requested for patients in the Haematology Day Ward, or Haematology Outpatients.

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) for cytotoxic drugs and targeted therapies are available from the Macmillan website:

PILs for regular medications are available from the Clinical Pharmacology or Pharmacy Intranet sites. Information sheets for commonly used drugs in Haematology, chemotherapy side effects, and advice for patients at home are available in the Ward, Day Ward, and Haematology Outpatients. When a drug is prescribed for a patient, a corresponding PIL should be given. If more information is required, page the pharmacist on 8209.

It is the responsibility of anyone prescribing or administering chemotherapy to check the patient has been given appropriate information, including PILs. This is particularly important with the complex trials we are involved in, as the patients will usually have information overload after discussing just the initial diagnosis and treatment, so it is important for the later drugs to be discussed separately.

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