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Prescribing Requirements

Information about drug availability and subsidies is available online from:

If you are unclear about the availability of medicines on discharge, page the Haematology Pharmacist on 8209.

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Patients' Own Medications

Verbal Orders

Patients' Own Medications

Medicines that patients have brought into hospital are kept in the drug preparation room. On discharge these are checked, and returned to the patient if appropriate.

Medication required for the hospital stay will be supplied by the hospital. The exceptions are thalidomide, lenalidomide, compassionate supply, and clinical trial medications. Due to the restrictions on these, patients will need to continue their own supply. To reduce waste, patients will routinely use their own inhalers, eye drops, and creams, etc. These will be replaced if they run out. See CDHB Use of Patient’s Own Medication Policy.

In addition, and provided it is fit for use, it is good practice for patients to use their own oral chemotherapy in hospital. This ensures that at the end of a treatment course there is no remaining chemotherapy left lying around in the patient's home.

Verbal Orders

Verbal orders within the haematology department are governed by three policies/procedures. Each has a specific process that must be followed to ensure the order remains valid and legal:

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