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Supportive Care

This section was reviewed by Dr Sean MacPherson, Dr Lois Surgenor, Dr Anna Fenton, CNM Jane Worsfold, CNS Wendy Jar, Dietitian Madeleine Price, and Pharmacist Bevan Harden in January 2019. The next review date is January 2022.

In This Section


B6 exercise guide

Monitoring Vital Signs

Venous Access

Psychological Support

Nutritional Support

IV fluid and electrolyte replacement


Pain Management

Steroid-induced Hyperglycaemia

Confusion and Delirium

Nausea and Vomiting

Oral Hygiene/Acute Dental Care


Tumour Lysis Syndrome (TLS)

Fertility and Menstruation Issues

Therapy Induced Menopause

Prevention of Menorrhagia

Osteoporosis Prophylaxis

Lumbar Puncture Procedure

Performance Scores

Palliative Care

Post-transplant Re-immunisation Schedule

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