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Investigations Required for the New Patient Likely to Receive Intensive Treatment


Test required


Blood test

CBCF, B12, folate.



Creatinine, urate, calcium, phosphate, albumin, vit D, B2M, SPE, Ig levels, serum free light chains.


Bone marrow

Bone marrow aspirate and trephine (stain for CD138 and k/L).

Consent for tissue bank storage.

Arrange with Haematology Lab Registrar.


Swabs from any infected lesion. Sputum if present. Blood cultures if febrile.



CT skeletal survey.

Consider conventional X-ray skeletal survey if contraindication to CT skeletal survey.



24 hour urinary BJP quantitation may be required for some studies.


Hospital dental assessment if pamidronate therapy will be given or if any dental problems, jaw pain or swelling.

Doctors to organise.



OT, physio, social work, dietitian, wig specialist and psychologist may all be needed.

Nurses to organise.

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