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Diagnostic Criteria

The WHO 2007 diagnostic criteria are now the same as the International Myeloma Working Group, as found in BJH 2003 121(5) p749-757. These are, in short:

  • The presence of an M protein in serum or urine (any level)
  • Bone marrow (clonal) plasma cells OR plasmacytoma (any level)
  • Related Organ or Tissue Impairment (ROTI)
    • C Calcium increased (>2.75 mmol/L)
    • R Renal insufficiency (>173 mmol/L with no other cause)
    • A Anaemia (20 g/L below normal range)
    • B Bone lesions
    • O Other, i.e. hyperviscosity, amyloid, recurrent infections, etc.

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