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Pregnancy and TKI Therapy

There does not appear to be any increase in risk to a child conceived to a father on imatinib, but there is a considerable increased risk of miscarriage and foetal malformation to women who conceive on imatinib (approximately 25%).

Women are therefore advised to use contraception and avoid becoming pregnant while on a TKI therapy. Have a careful discussion with the patient about risks while pregnant, loss of disease control, potential disease progression, and any need for therapy while pregnant. Also carefully advise both parents using the most recent data available.

Ideally, women who wish to conceive should cease imatinib one to three months prior to attempting conception.

In animal studies, interferon-alpha is non-teratogenic but does show some abortifacient effects. Interferon may be used as an alternative therapy for CML during pregnancy where the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the foetus.

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