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Doses of FVIII-VWF Concentrate (Biostate) for VWF Patients Unresponsive to desmopressin (avail. from Blood Bank)

A recommended dosage schedule is as follows:

Type of bleeding

Dose (IU/kg) of FVIII

Number of infusions


Major surgery

20 to 40

once a day or every other day

maintain FVIII > 50% until healing is complete

Minor surgery


once a day or every other day

FVIII > 30% until healing is complete

Dental extractions



FVIII > 30% for up to 6 hours

Spontaneous or post-traumatic bleeding




Bleeding is usually controlled, provided adequate (> 50%) FVIII levels are maintained, irrespective of the bleeding time. Attention to local haemostasis (sutures, cautery, wound packing) is essential peri-operatively. Consider also tranexamic acid, 1 g three times a day PO for superficial surface bleeding.

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