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Acute Bleeding Management

Discuss with the Regional Haematologist for individual treatment plan.

FVIIa (NovoSeven®) is the recommended initial therapy. For full details, see The Use of NovoSeven®.

Use only at the direction of a specialist haematologist involved with haemophilia care.

FEIBA can be considered as an alternative.

Consider assessing the response to non-activated prothrombin complex concentrate (Prothrombinex-HT). Few patients show response to this treatment and it should not be used in a newly diagnosed case. However, some established cases do gain benefit from this treatment for a minor bleed.

Refer to the National Haemophilia Guidelines, page 17, for full details of management of major and minor bleeds in patients with VIII inhibitors. The use of Novo Seven® and FEIBA is described here as well as Immune Tolerance Therapy, IVIg and immunosuppression. Patients with inhibitors to FVIII, either inherited or acquired, present complex problems. The Haematologist must be consulted as soon as possible.

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