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Major Head Injury or Intra Cerebral Bleed

Note: In a suspected intracranial bleed or significant head injury, treatment must be given immediately. It must NOT be delayed until radiological investigations confirm bleeding.

Admit to hospital and give immediate therapy. Urgent Haematologist consultation must be sought. Multiple dosing schedule or continuous infusion.

Aim: To increase factor level to 80% with trough levels ³ 50%, 72 hours then dose reduction over 14 days or longer under supervision. Monitor factor levels pre and post treatment.

Treatment Regimen

Continuous infusion is most appropriate.

Alternatively, use:

FVIII 40 - 50 u/kg

® 25 u/kg 8 hourly for 72 hours

® reducing dose.

FIX 50 - 60 u/kg

® 30 u/kg 12-24 hourly for 72 hours

® reducing dose.

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