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Continuous Infusion Regimen

  1. Give a bolus dose sufficient to achieve a plasma FVIII activity of 80%.
  2. The infusion rate is calculated from the formula:

Infusion rate (IU/kg/hr) = clearance (mL/kg/hr) x steady state concentration (IU/mL)

Estimated clearance rates are 4 mL/kg/hr (adult); 5 mL/kg/hr for children less than 12 years of age. These clearance rates fall during the course of the infusion.


Infusion rate to achieve a steady state concentration of 80% (0.8 IU/mL) on the first day is:

Infusion rate (IU/kg/hr)


4 (mL/kg/hr) x 0.8



3.2 IU/kg/hr*

The following approximations on initial infusion rate can usually be made:

* For adults, assume an initial infusion rate 3 IU/kg/hr

* For children, assume an initial infusion rate 4-5 IU/kg/hr

Important Note:

The volume of the sterile water ampoules differ for different products:

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