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In general, replacement fluid is not necessary during cytapheresis procedures. However, if plasma loss in the cell concentrate exceeds 20% of the blood volume (approximately one litre for an adult), colloid supplement is usually indicated.

Cytapheresis procedures are generally performed with a target value in mind, such as 100 x 109/L leukaemic blast cells in patients with hyperleukocytosis syndromes, less than 1,000 x 109/L platelets in patients with symptomatic thrombocythaemia, or less than 50% haemoglobin S in patients with sickle cell disease.

The outcome of a cytapheresis procedure is almost always easily measurable. These procedures should be repeated only as necessary to reach or maintain the target value. Prompt introduction of chemotherapy in patients with myeloproliferative disorders will limit the number of cytoreductive procedures required.

Refer to the list of commonly used, highly protein bound drugs.

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