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The Transfusion Medical Officer/ Haematologist on Call

The Transfusion Medical Officer/Haematologist on call has overall responsibility to ensure that:

The equipment is regularly used to collect single donor platelets and therapeutic procedures may need to be timed around this commitment.

The Transfusion Medical Officer can be contacted through Blood Bank ( 80310). The Haematologist on call can be contacted through the Christchurch Hospital Telephone Office.

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Notification of NZBS Apheresis Nurses

Notification of NZBS Apheresis Nurses

The apheresis nurses can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm at NZBS (telephone 343 9040). After hours, they can be contacted by telephone (027 5618 128) or through the Blood Bank Telephone (3640310).

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