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Blood Transfusion

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Red Cell Transfusion

Blood Filters

CMV Negative Blood

Irradiated Blood

Red Cell Transfusion

Refer to the Haematology specific procedure 5056 Verbal Orders for Platelets and Red Blood Cell Transfusions for Haematology Patients.

Blood Filters

The standard in-line blood filters (first generation filters) used for most blood transfusions work as simple sieves. The mesh of these filters varies but is commonly 170-200 micron. Blood is now leucodepleted at source and therefore second and third generation filters are no longer required for haematology patients.


CMV Negative Blood

Within NZBS all donor products are now leucodepleted at source, which is deemed sufficient to limit CMV exposure via blood products.

Refer to the NZBS clinical guideline: NZBS Policy on the Provision of CMV Antibody Negative Blood Components (111P067)

See also the CDHB Blood and Blood Product Policy.

Irradiated Blood

See NZBS Transfusion Medicine Handbook.

Definite indications

These are indications where there is strong evidence to support the requirement for use of irradiated blood components or where there is clear consensus on the requirement within published guidelines. Cellular blood products are irradiated to at least 25 Gy. Definite indications include:

Possible indications

This includes settings where case reports have been published but where no controlled studies are available. Irradiation is not required in published international guidelines. Possible indications include:

No indication (no cases have been reported)

Complete the Irradiated Blood Products Alert Form, ref 2402343 (if applicable).

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