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Ovarian Tissue Storage

Ovarian Tissue Storage is the removal of ovarian tissue, which is then frozen for potential future use.

Worldwide, many clinics have frozen ovarian tissue since the early 1990s, but as of 2005 only a small proportion have been used for fertility purposes.

Preferably, the woman should be under 36, as after this age follicle numbers in the ovaries begin to decline.

Ovarian tissue storage requires no prior preparation with hormones or particular time in a woman’s cycle. Ideally, the procedure is best carried out before any chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment begins, but may be possible after, depending on the amount of damage to the ovaries.

Ovarian tissue retrieval is a laparoscopic procedure which can be done as a day case. The actual procedure only takes around 30 minutes.

Preferably, the procedure is scheduled for the morning to permit the scientist to freeze during the afternoon.

The risks are the same as for any other surgical procedure under general anaesthetic, and these risks will be greater for patients who are ill or immunocompromised.

Freezing and storage costs are at present being met by Fertility Associates. Surgery costs are being met by the DHB and so far, surgery has only been performed in public hospital.

Patient Information

Patient information is available from Fertility Associates.

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