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Semen Storage

Sperm banking should be considered before all intensive regimens, especially those in which an alkylating agent is used, e.g.:

If sperm banking has been offered but declined, this should be recorded in the notes. At the time of diagnosis, the quality of the sperm is often poor. It is very rare not to be sterile after SCT, however after the other regimens, fertility may return.

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Information for Health Care Team

Procedure to Organise a Freeze

Information for Health Care Team

Fertility Associates offers a freezing and long-term storage facility for patients from Haematology or Oncology. In many cases, the sperm of these patients will already be of lower than normal quality and will not freeze well, but even if the frozen semen is not suitable for normal vaginal insemination it may be possible to concentrate and wash it for intrauterine insemination or even IVF. It is preferable, if time permits, to bank more than one sample.

Procedure to Organise a Freeze

Patients requiring semen storage should contact Fertility Associates to arrange an appointment:

1st Floor Hyatt Chambers
249 Papanui Road
Phone 375 4000

For patients unable to leave the ward:

  1. Contact Fertility Associates (ph 375 4000 ext 749), to organise a time for semen analysis and possible freeze.
  2. Fax a referral form to Fertility Associates (fax 355 8851).

    Fertility Associates will fax back a copy of the patient information leaflet, consent form and the laboratory request form.

  3. Give the information leaflet to the patient. Discuss the procedure with the patient, and obtain informed consent.
  4. Arrange for the sample, laboratory form, and a copy of the signed consent to be delivered to Fertility Associates, Andrology Laboratory, 1st Floor Hyatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Road. They will analyse the sample and if it is suitable, freeze it.

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