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The well-being of staff has a significant interactive effect on patient and caregiver health.

Staff who specialise in the care of cancer patients are especially vulnerable to psychological repercussions for a number of reasons. These reasons include the need to immediately reinvest energy into new patients following adverse events or deaths, the management of complex pathologies and treatments, and excessive workloads.

Repercussions may include stress, emotional exhaustion or detachment, and anxiety/depressive symptoms. The provision of psychological support /resources can assist in buffering staff from the risk of these effects, and help manage symptoms when they do arise.

In light of emerging evidence of the mixed and sometimes adverse effects of ‘psychological debriefing’ after traumatic events, individual assessment of any need for psychological support is preferred over any compulsory individual or group intervention.

Psychological support services and resources for work-related issues are available to all staff in Haematology. Self-referral can be made directly to the Clinical Psychologist, or to EAP (Employee Assistance Program), who provide employee counselling services (phone 0800 327 669 or visit Both services are completely confidential.

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