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Indications for Use


Care of PICC/Midlines

Indications for Use

In Haematology patients, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) may be inserted for patients that are unable to have a Hickman© catheter (e.g. a patient with a mediastinal mass). They may also be inserted for patients that have poor peripheral access.

There is a patient information sheet available which explains the insertion procedure and ongoing care.


Nurses who work in Interventional Radiology and who have undergone a training programme insert PICC/Midlines. To have a PICC inserted, phone Interventional Radiology on ext. 81082 and discuss with the designated nurse the type of therapy the patient requires so they can advise you about the appropriate catheter to use. In general, double lumen PICC lines should be inserted.

Please ensure placement is verified by X-ray and the medical staff has documented this in the patient notes prior to using this device.

Care of PICC/Midlines

See CDHB CVAD resource book.

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