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Indications for Use

Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD) are inserted when it is anticipated that long–term venous access is needed and that supportive treatment is going to be difficult or impossible to give by conventional IV techniques.

Prior to CVAD insertion, the procedure and its significance must be fully discussed with the patient. There is a patient information booklet available which explains the Hickman© catheter insertion procedure and ongoing care.

CVADs are inserted in Interventional Radiology, or occasionally ICU, by consultant staff who have special expertise in this area. Local anaesthetic and sedation are given. Very rarely, a GA may be needed. Maximum Sterile Barrier (MSB) precautions are taken.

The decision to insert a catheter and whether to use local or general anaesthetic is made by the Ward Medical Staff. Liaise with Interventional Radiology in the first instance. If Interventional Radiology is unable to perform procedure, contact ICU.

When a time for insertion has been given, make sure that:

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