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Acquired CMV Infection - Treatment

For general information about CMV, see UpToDate website.

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Clinical Features



Clinical Features

These are extremely variable.


The diagnostic test currently recommended is Q-PCR for CMV DNA on plasma and white blood cells. The results are now reported in International Units per litre (IU/L).

Take 5 mL blood into EDTA (mauve top) tube. This will detect CMV viral DNA, and give a measure of the viral load present. Repeat testing can be used to monitor progression or the effectiveness of treatment.



Note: Oral valganciclovir is also available. For more information, see the valganciclovir Data Sheets on Medsafe.


Foscarnet may be used in place of ganciclovir when ganciclovir marrow suppression is present:

The major complication of foscarnet is electrolyte disturbance which needs to be checked daily, including magnesium and phosphate.

For more information about foscarnet, refer to the Data Sheets on Medsafe.

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