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Patients Undergoing High Dose Chemotherapy

Dental Referrals


Patients Undergoing High Dose Chemotherapy

It is highly desirable that active dental and oral disease is not present when patients enter high dose chemotherapy programs. All patients should receive a dental assessment prior to receiving high dose chemotherapy treatments and an explanation of the reasons for this. The overall objectives of oral care are to:

Dental Referrals

All patients receiving intensive chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation require a routine dental assessment, even if they have false teeth. The completed special referral form should be sent to the Oral Health Centre, fax 80246, or emailed to If you need to speak to a senior dentist regarding a referral, please phone 80250.

Note: Newly diagnosed leukaemic patients need to be seen within 24-48 hours of admission/diagnosis if possible, and prior to commencing their first chemotherapy treatment.

Any oral problems occurring during high dose chemotherapy can be managed by the hospital dental service. Refer to the oral health centre - see above.


Included are the following measures:

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