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Pre-Treatment Investigations

The investigations listed here are appropriate for any new patient with AA that is scheduled to receive intensive treatment.

The extent of any investigations to be carried out on other patients with AA and related conditions will be decided by the Consultant.


Test Required

Volume of Blood/ Container

Blood Tests

CBCD + F, retics, ESR, DIC profile, Serum B12 and red cell folate.

3 x 5 mL EDTA (mauve top), 1 x 5 mL citrate, 1 x 5 mL plain.


ONCO hyperlink profile, CRP, Ferritin, SPE, Ig levels, iron studies, thyroid function.

1 x 5 mL heparin, 1 x 5 mL plain.


Blood group & red cell antibodies.

1 x 7.5 mL EDTA (pink top).


Viral serology-HbsAg, HCV, Herpes simplex/zoster, CMV, EBV, Toxo, TPHA, HIV test, patient permission required.

1 x 5 mL plain (request long term storage).


HLA Typing.

Contact SCT Coordinator. 2 x 10 mL CPDA (yellow top), 1 x 10 mL plain, 1 x 6 mL EDTA


Cell surface marker analysis on blood for the GPI-linked proteins CD55 and 59 (for PNH).

Arrange with surface marker lab (ext 80917).


Cytogenetics on peripheral blood if Fanconi anaemia suspected.

Blood 10 mL in heparin (may require more if WBC count very low).

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow aspirate and trephine.

+ Cytogenetics if MDS suspected.

Arrange with Haematology Registrar.


Microbiology-swabs from nostrils, throat, swabs of any infected lesions.

Label forms for bacterial and fungal cultures “New Aplastic”.


ECG, Chest X-ray.

All patients.


MSU, sputum, stool.

If clinically indicated.


Blood cultures.

If clinically indicated.


Fertility Centre, dental assessment, Hickman or PICC line insertion, ? irradiated blood, ? CMV negative blood.

Doctors to organise.


OT, Physio, Social Worker, Dietitian, Psychologist Assessment.

Nurses to organise.

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