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Assessment of Severity and Prognosis

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Assessment of Severity


Assessment of Severity

This varies to some extent in the published literature. The following criteria are commonly used:

Severe AA:

Note: Very severe AA - the above criteria apply but with a neutrophil count < 0.2 x109/L.

Moderate AA:


When only supportive care is given, AA carries a mortality rate of 80-90%.

Following ATG and cyclosporin variable results have been reported from a median survival of 6 years to a 58% survival at 11 years.

Long-term, MDS, AML, and PNH may occur in 5-10% of patients who respond to immunosuppression.

By contrast, a stem cell transplant is curative, with long term survival between 60% and 90%.

Those patients under 16 do best with an allograft and the results become less good over the age of 25.

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