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The MRSA Policy is described fully on the Intranet. It is the responsibility of the doctor accepting the patient to check whether they have been in an MRSA positive hospital and to make appropriate arrangements.

Patients who have been an inpatient at a hospital known to be positive for MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph-Aureus) are usually admitted to a single room elsewhere in the hospital until negative swabs have been obtained, which usually takes 3 days. If the Consultant deems it important from the patient care point of view to have them on the unit, they can be nursed in room 7, which has a reverse airflow. This usually requires moving another patient, and the Consultant together with the nurse in charge must make this decision.

Please refer to the MDRO Admission Assessment Flowchart and Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for the Control of Multidrug Resistant Organisms for further information.


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