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Clerical Responsibilities

Clerical duties include:

Note: After hours, the laboratory staff (80373) can be asked to find the Haematology notes if not too busy.


If an outpatient calls, see After Hours Guidelines.

If a patient is to be admitted from outpatients or after hours, the patient will normally come via the Emergency Department (see below for exceptions).

The doctor/registered nurse arranging the admission must phone the ED Triage Nurse (ext. 80274):

If the patient is coming in for review after hours, inform the Clinical Team Coordinator (page 5265) of the impending admission.

It is important that the doctor arranging the admission speaks to the ward if the ward is expected to initiate any action, e.g., blood cultures from Hickman lines. They should also speak to the Duty Medical Registrar/House Officer on call. See After Hours Guidelines. Give them clear instructions as to what is required.

For duty RMO arrangements, see the Resident Medical Officer's Handbook.

The duty medical staff should be asked to contact the Consultant directly when they have assessed the patient.

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