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For SMO and Registrar leave, a leave request form should be completed and given to the Clinical Director's PA (Anne Quick). Please also notify the Clinical Director regarding both Houseman and Registrar night duty as soon as the roster comes out. Registrar leave may not be possible if too many staff are scheduled to be away at that time.

Changes to the roster and to the leave board are made immediately after leave has been approved. Details of leave approved are emailed to the Outpatient Administrator and other team members. No changes to the leave board or roster are to be made by anyone other than Clinical Director's PA, and when on leave by whoever is deputising. The leave schedule can also be viewed on G:\Division\HAE\Leave Planner.

Consultants and Registrars taking leave must make sure that clinical volumes are reasonable while they are away. Any patients causing concern must be handed over to another SMO.

If a Registrar is on leave, only urgent overflow patients and urgent bone marrows are to be done, as the Registrar will also be covering another Registrar’s role.

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