Canterbury DHB


Hospital/Departmental Meetings

Department meetings

(weekly unless otherwise specified)




SCT Committee Meeting (alternating Monday)

Lymphoma MDT Meeting (alternating Monday)


Quality Meeting (1st Monday of each month)

Morbidity and Mortality Review Meeting (5th Monday)

Journal Club (other Mondays)


Incident Review Meeting (every 4th Monday)




Haematology Business Meeting (Senior Staff). Alternate weeks.


Registrar teaching


Department Laboratory Meeting (monthly teaching/clinical or laboratory presentations/research meetings)


Registrar teaching



TPMH Clinical Meeting



Haematology Radiology Meeting



SCT Planning Meeting




Morphology review, surface marker, cytogenetic, and molecular biology meeting


MDT Ward Round, BMTU


Christchurch Hospital Clinical Meeting

The Registrars/House Officer should attend as many of these meetings as possible.

Attendance at the SCT Committee Meetings (Monday 1300) is recommended for the Ward Registrar, and the Radiology Meeting (Wednesday 1330) is mandatory for both the Ward Registrar and the House Officer.

Meeting Descriptions

For meeting Terms of Reference, refer to G:\Division\HAE\COMMON\ADMIN\Meeting Minutes.

Stem Cell Transplant Committee Meeting

Discuss new referrals for acceptance or exclusion. Discuss other transplant issues that arise, e.g. donor ineligibility. Outcomes of the meeting are documented within patient letters and sent to the patient’s referring doctor and the meeting invitation list.

Invitation list:

Dunedin Haematology Consultants are dialled into the conference by phone and Nelson. Invercargill Haematology Consultants are invited to dial in.

Lymphoma Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meeting

Discuss patient results and treatment options. As a result of this meeting some patients may be referred to the SCT Committee Meeting. The Lymphoma Chair takes minutes which are circulated to the group.

Multidisciplinary meeting invitation list:

Transplant Planning Meeting

Discuss transplant inpatients and outpatients pre- and post-harvest. Weekly transplant lists are generated, showing patients to be discussed.

Multidisciplinary meeting invitation list:

Haematology Quality Meeting

Refer to the meeting terms of reference. All Haematology staff and multidisciplinary team members are encouraged to attend where possible.

BMTU Ward Round: Multidisciplinary discussion on BMTU inpatients.

Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Meeting

Refer to the meeting terms of reference. Discussion on the care of patients within the Haematology service to provide education to staff and opportunities for identifying areas for improvement. All Haematology staff and multi-disciplinary staff members are encouraged to attend.

Journal Club Meeting

Education sessions on a variety of Haematology topics. All Haematology staff invited.

Haematology Laboratory Meeting and Histology Meeting

Monthly teaching, clinical, laboratory presentations, or research meetings.

Haematology Lunchtime Meeting

Monthly teaching, clinical, laboratory presentations, or research meetings.

ICU Ward Round: A multidisciplinary in-depth discussion on ICU patients and their care plans. Haematology consultants and/or Registrar attend when required to discuss Haematology inpatients being cared for in ICU.

HSCT Programme Quality Management Group Meeting

Refer to the terms of reference. Transplant programme personnel and NZBS discuss issues relating to the transplant programme, review quarterly and annual reports, and assess the overall HSCT programme quality management system.

Incident Review Meeting

Refer to terms of reference.

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