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Organisation of Inpatient and Outpatient Services

The Consultant Haematologists rotate responsibility for the various components of Laboratory and Clinical Haematology every month. A roster indicating these responsibilities is generated every week. Copies are kept in the Haematology Roster Folder in the BMTU and on notice boards in the Outpatients and Office area.

When SMO or RMO staff are sick, they must notify the Clinical Director who will decide who will provide cover. The Clinical Director's PA will notify relevant staff by high priority email.

After hours, an on-call Haematologist can be contacted about specific haematology problems and changes in the clinical condition of Haematology patients. All Haematology Registrars participate in the weekend on-call roster.

In general, new patients are seen on Mondays with follow up clinics on Tuesday (RLS / AB), Wednesday (PG / SG, EJMcD, SMcP), and Thursday (MS / SG / PG / RLS).

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