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Lymphoma MDT

All patients with new diagnosis of lymphoma should be presented to the Lymphoma MDT, whose meeting takes place each week in the Oncology Lecture Theatre. The Lymphoma MDT has a central role in confirming the diagnosis and staging, in obtaining consensus for standard of care treatment as well as raising awareness of any current treatment trials for which the patient may be eligible. The Lymphoma MDT is currently chaired by Dr Stewart.

See Laurent, C. et al. (2017). "Impact of Expert Pathologic Review of Lymphoma Diagnosis: Study of Patients From the French Lymphopath Network." Journal of Clinical Oncology 35(18): 2008-2017.

The patient referral form should be completed and emailed to by the end of the week before the meeting.

Presentation at the Lymphoma MDT should not delay diagnosis and treatment. Where there is clinical need, treatment may commence before the next available MDT meeting.

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