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December 2016

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NHL and HD

We've renamed this chapter Lymphoma and updated the following subtopics:

Lizzie Collin / Peter Ganly

Prescription Charts

We've added a Privigen prescription form to the Supportive Care Sheets subtopic.

Lizzie Collin / Steve Gibbons

Blood Transfusion

We've updated the Irradiated Blood Products Alert Form, which is used on these pages:

Andrew Butler / Meghan Heaphy

Prescription Charts

We've updated the following charts under Acute Myeloid Leukaemia:

  • D(60)A 3+10 with gemtuzumab (arm A)
  • D(60)A 3+10 with gemtuzumab x2 (arm B)
  • FLAG-Ida with gemtuzumab (arm A)
  • FLAG-Ida with gemtuzumab x2 (arm B)

Fiona Stone

Late Effects Screening after Allogeneic Transplant

We've updated the Late follow-up of transplant survivors - summary for referring physicians and GPs subtopic.

Meghan Heaphy / Andrew Butler

BMTU Maintenance

We've updated the Microbial Testing subtopic.

Meghan Heaphy

Infection Including Prophylaxis

We've updated these pages:

Ruth Spearing / Fiona Stone / Sarah Metcalf / Sharon Gardiner

Stem Cell Transplantation

We've updated the following topics and subtopics:

Andrew Butler


We've updated the Angular Cheilitis subtopic.

Lizzie Collin

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