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September 2016

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Catheter Complications

We've updated the information on Restoring Catheter Patency.

Lizzie Collin

Stem Cell Transplantation

We've updated the Consents for SCT topic.

Meghan Heaphy

Nutritional Support

We've added link resources to Prescribing Nutritional Supplement Drinks.

Andrew Butler / Vicky Youngman

Prescription Charts

We've updated the DA-REPOCH chart under Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Caroline Innes

Enteral Nutrition

We've updated the Guidelines for inserting enteral feeding tubes for patients undergoing transplants.

Jenny Roberts


We've added a new section on Nurse-Led Clinics.

Lizzie Collin

Preventing Infections

We've updated the Bacterial Infections subtopic.

Jenny Roberts

Vaccination Policy in Haematology Patients

We've rewritten the Vaccination Prophylaxis Post SCT subtopic.

Andrew Butler

Discharge and Follow Up

We've updated the Post-Transplant Follow Up page.

Lizzie Collin

Central Venous Access Devices

We've updated the Catheter Insertion subtopic.

Lizzie Collin

Thrombotic Disorders

We've updated the following subtopics in this section:

Mark Smith

Inherited Bleeding Disorders

We've updated the following subtopics in this section:

Mark Smith

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