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Drug Administration and Dosage

Symbols and Units


  1. These items should be written in full in prescriptions and patient notes. They may be abbreviated only when requesting laboratory tests.

Drug Administration and Dosage

Note: Do not use the abbreviation "OD"; write "once daily".

Symbols and Units

"International unit", "unit", and "milliunit" should not be abbreviated.

The "correct" symbol for micro (grams, moles, etc.) is the Greek letter μ. However when prescribing, this is often written poorly and this can be dangerous. In Canterbury DHB when prescribing in micrograms, the full word microgram must be used. Do not use μ or mcg.

The units used to express normal ranges for white cells in CSF, pleural, peritoneal and joint fluids and urine are confusing.

The following are the approximate upper normal values for white cells in:

These are all expressed as 106/L or per mL or per mm3. All these are the same! Check which units your laboratory is using and always obtain that laboratory's normal range.

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