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June 2014

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SCT Prescription Charts

Updated Cyclophosphamide/Peg G-CSF

Jenny Roberts

Aplastic anaemia Initial Supportive Care, Pneumocystis Prophylaxis

Updated both to cross-reference PCP prophylaxis and severe aplastic anaemia.

Steve Gibbons

L-asparaginase – bleeding and thrombosis

Added link to Medsafe data sheet.

Jenny Roberts

Information for Registrars and House Surgeons, Hospital/Departmental Meetings

Updated the details of weekly departmental meetings, added a link to the Cluster Location Manual, updated consent form links.

Meghan Heaphy/Jenny Roberts

Standard Operating Procedures

Added a link to the SOPs on the intranet.

Meghan Heaphy/Jenny Roberts

Infection section Dental Referrals

Change to contact details for dental referrals.

Meghan Heaphy/Jenny Roberts

Consents for SCT

Updated (we've removed a lot of the old forms).

Meghan Heaphy/Jenny Roberts

Initial Patient Assessment

Updated the Pre-transplant checklist.

Meghan Heaphy

Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA)

Included link to the Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service Informed Consent Policy.

Meghan Heaphy/Jenny Roberts

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